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Backpack Ataka-4 50L SSO (SPOSN)

Backpack Ataka-4 50L  SSO (SPOSN)
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  • Material: Cordura
  • Color: OD
  • Manufactured by: SSO (SPOSN)
Описание товара
RAID backpack (60L) with armor "Attack 4". Backpack with a capacity of 60 liters is designed to carry a set of tools to ensure the performance of military tasks in Autonomous mode. The kit to be placed in the backpack may include: additional ammunition, camp equipment (tent, sleeping bag, thermal insulation Mat), warm clothes, a change of linen, personal hygiene products, mining equipment, engineering equipment, food supplies, spare communications equipment. The property is located in the main compartment with removable divider, three exterior pockets, the two pockets of the volumetric valve and on the external attachment points. The third pocket is removable and attached to the outer wall using PALS (MOLLE) system. Soft water tank with a volume of three liters is placed in a special pocket on the back wall of the main container, the hose of which is displayed through the hole in the upper part of the rear wall. The main compartment is divided by a removable partition into two parts with two separate entrances. The upper entrance is closed by a tube and valve with quick-release polymer locks. The lower entrance is closed with a zipper covered with a strap and quick-release polymer locks. At the bottom of the main compartment is transferred sleeping bag. Internal flap pockets close with zippers. Inside the valve there is a belt belt belt with an adjusting buckle for fastening the covers of the backpack. The cases serve to disguise (deforming or white staining) and protect the backpack from moisture. The tube and the neck of the main compartment are pulled by cords in the backstage. For fixing of property on the outer attachment points (loops), kit backpack includes four detachable loop of belt tape buckle to adjust the length. Loops allow to fix on a backpack the rolled heat-insulating Mat (in vertical or horizontal position), RPG, RShG. For mounting of mining equipment at the bottom of the backpack pritachivajut two special hinges. The hanging system of the backpack consists of an inner frame, two shoulder straps of S – shape and a waist belt with a lumbar pillow. As the inner frame are two of the dural type ("armor") with a thickness of 5 mm. and a width of 30 mm. of the Tire are inserted in special pockets of the belt strip on the inner side of the rear wall. To protect the back and ventilation to the rear pritachivajut two pillows with damping inserts and mesh lining. Shoulder straps are adjustable in height, using a belt loop width of 50 mm, fastened to the horizontal belt loops on the rear wall of the main container (between soft pillows). Loop Satterthwaite on a textile fastener "Lime". Customized growth additionally the straps tightened belt ribbons stranoi 25 mm sewn to the bottom of the backpack, and threaded through a steel buckle with three slits, sewn to the bottom of the shoulder straps. To fix the backpack and prevent rocking its top, straps are attracted to the straps, with which the top of the main compartment is tightened to the straps. The straps pass through the steel buckle with three slits. For quick release of the backpack to the right strap primatives special, quick release, steel lock. For easy taking off heavily loaded backpack by the straps pritachivajut two loops for the hands. Straps are fastened together with a chest jumper, which fastens with a quick-release polymer lock. Soft dampers are inserted into the straps to evenly distribute the load over the shoulders. To prevent overheating, a synthetic mesh is applied to the lining of the straps and belt. Belt width of 50 mm, fastens with a quick-release polymer lock. Excess belt is inserted into the plastic buckle with two slits. To prevent rocking the bottom of the backpack to the belt buckles belts are inserted into the steel buckle of the main compartment. For fastening the spring hooks over side pockets attached belt loops. The backpack is made from 100% polyester fabric in a plain weave, with a density of 900 gr./ m2. with polyurethane water-repellent coating. The lower part of the main compartment is made of 100% polyamide woven fabric with a density of 1000 gr./ m2. with reinforcing thread. All pockets and the main compartment of the backpack have drainage holes with grommets at the bottom.
  • Backpack Ataka-4 50L  SSO (SPOSN)
  • Backpack Ataka-4 50L  SSO (SPOSN)
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