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Backpack Ataka-2 60L SSO (SPOSN)

Backpack Ataka-2 60L  SSO (SPOSN)
This Product was added to our catalogue on Wednesday, 21 January 2015.
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  • Material: Cordura
  • Manufactured by: SSO (SPOSN)
Описание товара
Backpack RAID Attack 2 volume of 60 liters is designed to carry in the field of personal belongings and equipment, ammunition to small arms, shovels. In the main container are transferred warm clothes, spare clothes and shoes, rations. Travel Mat-karimat is transferred by means of special removable loops located on the valve or the bottom of the backpack. The backpack has a main container with a retractable tube (the tube is pulled by a cord with a special self-locking stopper), two side pockets, one pocket on the front side of the backpack, two pockets formed by the walls of the main container and side pockets, as well as the top flap with a zipper pocket. Between the main capacity of the backpack and the front pocket is a special pocket for fastening a small sapper shovel. The inner side of the main container has a special pocket for a folding Mat, as well as special pockets-grooves for inserting two duralumin plates-lats, forming a rigid frame backpack. The main container is divided into two parts by a removable, adjustable partition – the lower part is designed for laying the sleeping bag and covered with a bottom valve. The bottom flap of the backpack fastens with a double-zipper, covered with a strap and reinforced with two straps, equipped with quick-release locks. The hanging system of the backpack consists of adjustable thick shoulder straps, equipped with an anti-skid, chest strap, soft inserts and lining of large mesh, as well as a developed belt with a quick-release lock. Special soft pillows on the back and lower back form a gap that promotes air circulation between the back and the backpack. The possibility of almost instantaneous reset of the backpack is provided by two metal locks of the original reliable design. External pockets are equipped with dust-proof valves, fastened with straps with quick-release locks, have a reinforced bottom and eyelets for removal of moisture trapped inside. Neck pockets utgivelse postoyannymi cords. Under the side pockets on the outside of the backpack are special tapes for fastening flasks with water. On the outside of the backpack sewn belt strip, making it available for outside mount additional equipment. The backpack is equipped with a removable waterproof cover (located in the top flap). The backpack is made of durable polyester fabric with water-repellent impregnation.
  • Backpack Ataka-2 60L  SSO (SPOSN)
  • Backpack Ataka-2 60L  SSO (SPOSN)
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